V174-9.5 MW™

Based on proven technology, track record and field experience, the Vestas 9 MW Platform grows again. 

V174-9.5 MW™ at a glance

Based on proven technology, track record and field experience, the Vestas 9 MW Platform grows again. The V174-9.5 MW™, boasts the industry’s largest commercially proven rotor size and most powerful output.

New variant of the 9 MW Platform

  • A trusted choice from day one, built on the proven 9 MW platform and Vestas technology lineage with minimal design changes
  • Configured for worldwide application and engineered for IEC T
  • 9.5 MW rated power, with an optimal rotor to generator ratio
  • Rotor diameter of 174 metres
  • 85 m blades with an optimised, load minimising design profile
  • Aerodynamically efficient, upgraded blade profile
  • Each blade weighs 35 tonnes, same as the V164-9.5 MW blade
  • The nacelle is 21 m long, 9 m wide and 9 m high, weighing approximately 390 tonnes
  • Approximate hub height of 110 m
  • Approximate tip height of 197 m

23,779 m2

swept area, more than double the area of the London Eye

IEC Class T

the V174-9.5 MW is engineered for optimal production even in winds up to 57 m/sec


UK homes can be powered by one turbine

Installation of the V174-9.5 MW™

The V174-9.5 MW™ prototype was successfully installed at Østerild National Test Centre in Denmark in January 2020. Our robust test program has enabled us to thoroughly monitor the reliability and performance output of the V174-9.5 MW™ before serial production commences.

The order pipeline for the V174-9.5 MW™ turbine comprises projects throughout Europe and Asia Pacific, with the first units scheduled for commercial installation off the coast of Germany at both the Baltic Eagle and Arcadis Ost 1 projects in 2022.

Technical specifications

Power regulation operational data
Pitch regulated with variable speed
Rated power
Cut-in wind speed
Cut-out wind speed
Wind class
IEC IB or IB,T adapted to offshore conditions
Standard operating temperature range
from -15°C* to +25°C* with a de-rating interval from +25°C to +35°C
*high ambient temperature variant available

**Sound Optimised Modes dependent on site and country

Rotor diameter
Swept area
Aerodynamic brake
Three blades full feathering

50/60 Hz
full scale

medium speed

Hub heights

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