4 MW Platform

Our 4 MW platform is designed for a broad range of wind and site conditions, onshore and offshore, enabling you to mix turbines across your site or portfolio of sites, delivering industry-leading reliability, serviceability and exceptional energy capture.

The 4 MW platform was introduced in 2010 with the launch of the V112-3.0 MW®. Since then over 61 GW of the 4 MW Platform has been installed all over the world, making it one of the most popular platforms in our portfolio.

Rotor diameters range from 105 to 155 meters and the rated output power is up to 4.5 MW. Using well proven technologies like a full-scale converter, the 4 MW platform meets even the most challenging grid requirements, providing excellent energy yield in all wind and weather conditions.

The 4 MW platform combines Vestas’ proven track record with our continuous efforts to improve and optimise our products, making it the obvious choice for customers looking to combine reliability with performance.

4 MW

Introduced in 2010, the 4 MW platform offers superior grid performance and is well suited for turbine constrained market conditions.


The 4 MW platform covers all wind segments, enabling you to find the best turbine for your specific site.

+61 GW

The performance and reliability of the 4 MW platform has been proven with more than 59 GW installed in 56 countries since 2010.

How sustainable is the 4 MW platform?


4.4 - 7.6

compared to 1002 g/kWh
for a coal power plant

Energy neutral

4.8 - 7.6

months of operation 

Energy return

31 - 50


Recyclability rate

83% - 88.5%

4 MW platform variants

V163-4.5 MW™

The V163-4.5 MW™, featuring a large rotor-size-to-rating ratio, helps you realise stable energy output and up to 10% more Annual Energy Production at park level under low to medium wind conditions.

V150-4.5 MW™

The V150-4.5 MW™ is designed for low wind sites, and is the industry’s highest producing onshore low wind turbine.

V150-4.2 MW™

With the V150-4.2 MW™ Vestas leads onshore wind power to new heights. It has a wind turbine blade size of 73.7 meters and a wind turbine height of 150 meters.

V136-4.5 MW™

The V136-4.2 MW™ is designed for medium wind sites. It boosts performance by 11 percent compared to V136-3.45 MW™

V136-4.2 MW™

The V136-4.2 MW™ is designed for medium wind sites. It boosts performance by 11 percent compared to V136-3.45 MW™

V136-3.45 MW®

V136-3.45 MW® combines advanced aerofoil design with the proven 4 MW nacelle and Large Diameter Steel Tower (LDST) technology, to deliver high and efficient energy production in low- and medium-wind conditions.

V126-3.45 MW®

The V126-3.45 MW® IEC IIB/IEC IIA is the ideal choice for medium-wind sites with high turbulence onshore. The 126 m rotor enables greater wind capture, which in turn produces more energy at a reduced cost.

V117-4.2 MW™

The V117-4.2 MW™ is designed for medium to high wind speeds, withstanding highly severe climatic conditions.

V117-3.45 MW®

The V117-3.45 MW® IEC IB/IEC IIA is a solid choice for medium- and high-wind sites with high turbulence onshore.

Other wind turbine options

EnVentus™ Platform

Introduced in 2019, the EnVentus™ platform architecture connects proven system designs from the 2 MW platform, 4 MW platform and 9 MW platform turbine technology.

2 MW Platform

Our 2 MW platform provides industry-leading reliability, serviceability and availability and is one of the most trusted platforms in the industry.


Built on +25 years experience offshore, Vestas' offshore wind turbines are designed to deliver industry-leading performance in all conditions around the globe.