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Together with Utopus Insights, Vestas offer customers a suite of best-in-class analytics applications across energy sources that supports the digitalisation of renewable energy assets.

Utopus Insights - Smart Data Analytics

As the global energy sector is transforming, Vestas offers customers digital solutions to deliver greater predictability, increased renewable energy production, more efficient operations, and better integration with energy grids.

To support customers on this transition, Vestas acquired Utopus Insights Inc., an energy analytics provider with a suite of innovative digital products, over 100 patents, and a highly experienced team with expertise in data science, power engineering, energy software development and weather forecasting.

Together with Utopus Insights as our digital solutions subsidiary, Vestas offers customers a suite of best-in-class analytics products across energy sources that supports the digitalisation of renewable energy assets and energy systems. Giving easy access to portfolio-wide asset visualization, predictive maintenance, and wind/solar power forecasting, the suite represents a critical business decision-making tool for renewable asset owners and operators.

Scipher - Energy Analytics platform

Scipher™ by Utopus Insights is an advanced, scalable, industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT energy analytics platform. With the backing of Vestas as the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, Scipher™ is a data powerhouse, with nearly 75 GW of data flowing into the system – the largest, most robust in the industry.

Underpinned by a data management layer that provides secure and fast storage of large volumes of data, the platform leverages an embedded portfolio of pre-trained models, industry-specific content and data models to provide actionable insights that drive financial outcomes. It utilizes ground-breaking machine learning techniques to offer robust and accurate energy analytics that accelerate time-to-value and drive smarter decision making.

The platform integrates seamlessly with cloud data sources. Utopus Insights offer a library of ready-to-use connectors to quickly get your data up and running on our platform.

The Utopus Insights product suite leverages the most advanced data analytics techniques available for energy applications as well as the largest data repository within the renewable energy industry.

To maximise value, Utopus Insights’ digital solutions are developed and continuously improved with the aim to accompany a customer’s progress on their data management journey: 

Scipher.Vx provides portfoliowide wind and solar asset visualization for a descriptive ringside view of asset performance. 

Scipher.Vx+ delivers advanced analytics for proactive wind turbine performance monitoring.

Scipher.Fx provides accurate renewable energy forecasting, from 5 minutes to 14 days ahead, making intermittent energy sources more predictable and reliable for the electric grid.

See real-time asset performance

Scipher.Vx is a centralized and comprehensive SaaS-based asset visualization product that shows real-time status, operating performance and condition of every wind and solar PV asset in your portfolio any time, from anywhere in the world.

It enables you to leverage the power of live and historical data from wind and solar PV assets to help reduce operating costs, improve performance and raise revenue.


  • Combined view of wind and solar PV hybrid portfolio with real-time and historical asset performance overview.
  • Detect anomalies in real time to quickly identify abnormal turbine behavior.
  • Visualization of key operational metrics such as generation, machine availability, capacity factor, performance ratio and events.

Scipher.Vx is included as part of your Service AOM contract 2000 and above. For more information please contact your Vestas representative or send your request directly to msciphervx@vestas.com.

Advanced dashboarding and perfomance analytics product

Scipher.Vx+ delivers accurate wind asset performance deviation insights with innovative, dynamic power curve analytics that help industry professionals track asset performance in real time, optimize annual energy production, and maximize revenue.

Scipher.Vx+ enables control center analysts, field engineers, and site/asset/portfolio managers to proactively monitor turbine performance and take alert-based corrective action to reinstate normal operations for improved asset efficiency.


  • Monitor in real time wind and solar PV assets from the same product; any turbine make.
  • Visualize entire portfolio information, including Condition Monitoring System (CMS) and main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Leverage live and historical data to gain operational insights.

Predict future performance for wind and solar PV

Scipher.Fx is a predictive analytics SaaS product that enables accurate and reliable power forecasting for wind and solar PV assets. Scipher.Fx advanced energy-specialized forecasts help asset owners, grid operators, and power traders make more informed decisions with greater confidence for better asset planning, optimized energy trading, compliance with regulatory requirements and to minimize penalties. 

Utopus Insights' proprietary machine learning models leverage historical and real-time measurement data from wind and solar farms to forecast the power output from the next 5 minutes to 14 days ahead.


  • Advanced user interface to visualize and analyse forecast data in real time; View farm-level KPIs with user-friendly graph view.
  • Comprehensive forecast horizon: Intra-day, day-ahead and longer term, customized from 5 minutes to 14 days ahead, with both the actual and forecast horizon.
  • Analyze error metrics - nMAE, nRMSE and MAPE, forecast vs actual, and active capacity with a graphical time series view.

Short term power forecasting

Utopus Insights provide smart solutions for power forecasting improving your bottom line. Our short-term (5-minute ahead) power forecasting service allows renewable power producers to do self forecasts with far greater certainty, thus lowering cost-prohibitive penalties. This opens up the opportunity for more renewable energy to flow into a more stable electric grid.


  • More accurate power forecasting
  • Reduced dispatch uncertainty
  • Lower operational (FCAS) costs
  • Improved grid stability

About Utopus Insight

Utopus Insights, Inc. is a privately held, US-based company with 150 employees, headquartered in New York with offices in India and Hungary, and a global sales presence. The company develops, sells and services energy analytics software to renewable energy asset owners and operators.

Utopus Insights spun out of IBM Research and the team involved with its Smarter Energy Research Institute. This team, with its rich pedigree in data science, software, utility operations, meteorology, and renewable and distributed energy, forms the core of Utopus Insights’ workforce. Their expertise was forged over a 15-year period through collaborative work with leading energy companies to develop digital solutions to energy transformation challenges.

Key insights:

  • Multi-disciplined team of 150 professionals with deep expertise in energy and utilities, data science and analytics, machine learning, meteorology, digital transformation and industrial IoT.
  • Wind industry’s largest asset repository of 73 GW from 34,500+ turbines. Scipher™ data analytics platform processes over 103 billion signals daily, delivering customer insights.
  • Extensive portfolio of 61 granted and 46 applied patents, built on 15+ years of research and collaborative solution development with leading utilities and energy companies.
  • Successful customer engagements with product deployments in nearly 50 countries.